10 tips from a Pro: The Art of Looking Good & Feeling Good

Sat down with Dave McGee from "The Next Up in Bodybuilding"

When it comes to looking good and feeling good, there are many aspects that factor in. I sat down with my good friend Dave who has been in the bodybuilding world for a while. For those of you who may not know exactly how hard and how disciplined a contestant has to be to compete, Dave outlined a few things that have to come into play.

1. Everyone has the same goal. That’s to gain muscle mass and cut fat.

2. Where ever you think is a good place to start is typically the place to start.

3. Lift as heavy as possible for as many reps as possible.

4. If you’re eating clean and not progressing you’re probably not eating enough.

5. Rest.

6. Basic supplements include 1 gallon of water, a multivitamin, Vitamin D, and creatine

7. Cut down your alcohol... Booze isn’t so much the problem but rather the shitty food choices you make when you are drinking.

8. 20-30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week will help with toning. The ideal heart rate when doing so is 140-150 bpm.

9. Eat your veggies and a lot of them, and when you think you've had enough, eat some more.

10. Get some help. Every professional athlete has a coach.

Dave and his wife Kindala are two of the most driven people when it comes to nutrition and how the body works and performs. They are great assets to reach out to when it comes to beginning your fitness journey, or continue it.

Follow Dave: @ifbbsteakncake

Follow Kindala: @ohemkin

In a time where it is easy to be lazy, and continually order food in, have the discipline to feed your body the activity and nutrition it needs.

Stay Svelte, Stay Driven, and Stay Suave.

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