Dressing The Part & getting in the Right Mindset

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..." - Rachel Zoe

RING, RING, RING! Your alarm goes off, notifying you that a new day has begun. It’s now time to get out of bed and start your morning routine. These first few moments will set the tone for the rest of your day, so it’s important to do it right. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned as we adjust to the work from home routine is dressing the part. As easy as it might be to roll out of bed in your pajamas, walk ten feet to your new office, and hop on your computer to start working, we highly recommend that you take a shower, clean up, and dress for success.

When we say, “dress for success”, we’re not telling you to get into a bespoke suit and Cole Haan wingtips, especially when your day consists of a few Zoom meetings and talking on the phone with prospects or current customers. That would be excessive. We’re simply suggesting that you pick an outfit that you’d typically wear to work. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you perform your best. Why, then, would you not choose to position yourself for success each and every day if that’s the case?

Now, here at the Modern Gentleman, we don’t have the crystal ball and we won’t pretend to know everyone’s situation; some of you may work in fitness, in commercial real estate, or might even be searching for their next gig. Regardless of where you are, one thing holds true…if you dress for the job you want and consistently create a strong routine that challenges you mentally and physically, we guarantee the success will follow.

In an ideal world, walking around in your pajamas all day would be great. However, experience tells us that it's counterproductive with all the temptations that one associates with wearing pajamas (curling up in a ball and eating 7 Pop-Tarts while watching Ozarks). When you dress for success in the morning by slipping on a clean shirt, pants, and casual dress shoe of choice, it allows you to mentally prepare for how you're going to accomplish the day. Further, by setting a schedule of what needs to get done, laying business casual clothes out, and getting a good night's sleep helps to form a recipe for self-confidence, consistency, and personal success.

When an individual shows up on a morning zoom call dressed well, the other team members notice, and that sets a tone. Nothing feels better in our minds than wearing a clean tee or polo and receiving compliments about where you got your choice of apparel. A wise man once said you can never overdress for an occasion, and this mindset holds true when it comes to working from home. Crushing your quota and looking good while doing it paints a picture to your peers and your boss that you’re unfazed by challenging circumstances.

In Conclusion...

To be clear, we're not telling you how to live your life, because everyone finds their success in different ways. By including helpful advice that we've learned over the years, this article serves more as a guideline to help you crush your days on a more frequent basis. As the world slowly reopens, we challenge you to continue the practices you’ve implemented in your life while in isolation that earned you a win or two. One tactic that has, and will, stay undefeated, is the fact people want to work with, for, and around those that present themselves professionally.

Until next time, conquer every day and most importantly….Stay Sauve.

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