How Social Distancing Has Made Us Closer Than Ever

"Only through communication can human life hold meaning." - Paulo Freire

Nobody was prepared for what COVID brought to our life. It affected travel plans, professional meetings, and the overall quality of life. One thing we can take away from the experience is that the world had to become better at communicating. Before we were faced with what's going on, society was glued to their phones and kept to themselves. Relationships were effected by busy schedules and outside noise. Since everything was halted, the human race has begun to communicate like they never have before.

Those who felt the oncoming feeling of cabin fever craved human contact of any sort. With tools like ZOOM, Facetime, HouseParty, and so on, it has opened the door for valuable communication.

Whether you're working for a TV program or simply sitting in your home, the accessibility of communicating to those who mean the most to you and your job has brought new aspects to those relationships.

Scott Van Pelt had a compelling message when it came to this topic, he mentioned how usually when he has talent come on to the show he would have to contact their agent, who would have to contact the travel agency, who would then have to contact makeup and stage directors. He spoke about how in this current time, his interviews have built strong relationships with these athletes who usually would have their guard up due to being in a professional environment, where now you get an insight of who they are as a person simply because they are in the comfort of their homes.

What Scott talked about relates to the everyday person as well. While we are still taking meetings, and communicating with our loved ones, the ideas of how much money someone makes or what social class they fall in goes out the window.

In Conclusion...

In a nutshell, COVID has been tough, but looking at the bright side in a dark time is all we can do. Even if your job makes you attend multiple meetings a day through video conferencing, remember you still have a job. If your family members want to video conference for hours after a long day of work, take the opportunity to communicate with your loved ones. As the world starts to reopen and reach a new normal, all we can hope for is that the human connection continually strengthens and that we don't get away from the importance of communication.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected.... and Stay Suave.

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