The Top 3 Beard Oils in 2020

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

"Beards are an acquired taste. Don't like them? Acquire some taste."

As a man, there are several situations we face on a daily basis that are less than ideal. For instance, sitting in traffic after a long day at the office, being isolated in a room full of IKEA furniture and losing your sanity due to a global pandemic, or walking your dog 7 times throughout the day just to stroll into a room after a nice, relaxing shower to find tiny brown presents waiting for you to clean. However, I believe we speak for all men when we say that razor burn combined with dry, itchy, and smelly beard hair takes the cake.

While standstill traffic and doggy accidents in your house are unavoidable, having an itchy beard and razor burn is something you can control. For those of you using globs of shaving cream or shampoo/conditioner to make the ole’ crumb duster presentable and smell halfway appealing, we’re here to tell you there’s a better answer…and that answer is beard oil.

Beard oil, for those who may not be aware, is a product somewhat similar to a leave-in conditioner that is used to mimic natural oils to nourish the skin hiding under your beard, as well as the beard itself. When used as part of your daily skin care routine, beard oil not only helps to soften and tame unruly facial hair, but also aids in treating beard dandruff, patchy areas, and most importantly…that dreaded beard itch.

That being said, there are a few things to consider when choosing which beard oil is right for you:


There are countless products on the market today, each offering a unique blend of carrier and essential oils to create warm and pleasant fragrances. When searching for the beard sauce that best suits your grooming needs, your first decision is whether you prefer a sweet, masculine scent (like Sandalwood or Tea Tree) or something more citrus-based.

Skin Type

Is your skin naturally dry, or does it lean more to the oily side? Before choosing a beard oil, your next step is to look at the product’s ingredients. If your skin tends to dry out relatively quickly, then a product with Argan Oil might be the best option, as it helps to moisturize your skin and keep it nourished throughout the day. If your skin is very oily, then a beard oil infused with Jojoba or Grapeseed might be a better option for you.


Lastly, and most importantly in our opinion, the question you need to ask yourself before pulling the trigger on a beard oil is, “What goal am I trying to accomplish?” Are you looking to stimulate beard growth, or are you looking for a product that will help to relieve itching? Knowing your beard and formulating your intentions at the outset will help steer you in the right direction in choosing the perfect product for YOUR specific needs.

With an abundance of commentary on the web, it can be difficult to find objective information that clearly outlines the best (and safest) beard oils to buy. That is where we step in. We’ve done the research for you, tested each of these products first-hand, and found what we believe to be the best-smelling, most reliable beard oils on the market. Here are The Modern Gentleman’s Top 3:


Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

In all honesty, what you’ll likely notice when you pick up the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is how strange the logo looks. Our initial thought when we bought our first order was: “What kind of backwoods sorcery am I about to put on my face?” Interestingly enough, however, this company was onto something when they created their brand.

Not only is the name unique, but their imaging sticks out like a sore thumb as well. They also list EVERY ingredient included in their products (all Honest Amish products contain natural ingredients), which is a key differentiator from other players in the market. With over 7 premium and essential oils to target hair growth and condition the skin, the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is sure to help nourish your beard and relieve any irritation of new growth.

One of the negatives that we found was that the scent varies from bottle to bottle. Because Honest Amish uses fully organic ingredients in their products, some containers may smell stronger or weaker, depending on the order. That said, if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, Honest Amish offers a full refund to its customers. If your focus is growing a full-grown fur muzzle that lumberjacks would be proud of, the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is definitely a good choice.

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Seven Potions Beard Oil

For The Modern Gentleman that wants to rock a great smelling and soft beard, this musky option will do the trick. Offering 3 unique scents (Woodland Harmony, Pure Equilibrium, and Citrus Tonic), we guarantee you’ll never get sick of these invigorating smells that make up the Seven Potions brand.

Unlike the Honest Amish Beard Oil, the branding of the Seven Potions is much simpler, yet just as distinctive, due to its bright yellow packaging. While the branding is simple, this oil will leave your face anything but. Infused with 100% natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Vitamin E, your beard will immediately feel cleaner and healthier after applying, while your skin gets moisturized in the process. Say goodbye to unsightly beard dandruff and uncomfortable beard itch because this stuff is the real deal.

The only real negative we’ve experienced is that it’s relatively difficult to get precise amounts of oil into the dropper. At $19 per bottle, some would say that another demerit is that the price tag is a bit more expensive than competitors in the space. However, we at The Modern Gentleman believe you get what you pay for…and with the Seven Potions Beard Oil, you get both high class and high quality in the same bottle. Give it a try. You can thank us later.

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The Beard Struggle Night & Day Beard Oil

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop in the realm of beard care, then look no further. The Beard Struggle now offers a new package deal that is comprised of both a day and nighttime oil, helping The Modern Gentleman like yourself achieve beard and skin health 24/7 with 100% all-natural, organic ingredients.

While the daytime oil combines the perfect blend of essential oils, Bergamot and Lime, hints of peppermint, and SPF 10 to help protect your face from UV damage, inflammation, and itchy skin, using it in conjunction with the overnight oil gives you the additional benefits of stimulating hair growth and moisturizing hair simultaneously while you sleep.

Compared to the options listed above, The Beard Struggle Night & Day combo kit, priced at $34, is quite a bit more expensive than the others. However, it is optional to order each oil individually for $17 apiece. As a current advocate and customer of both the day and nighttime oils, we highly recommend grabbing both and adding them to your daily routine.

The Beard Struggle brand has most certainly revolutionized the beard oil industry and will undoubtedly take your chin hair growing to new heights. Therefore, it’s no surprise that The Beard Struggle Night & Day Beard oil takes first place in this review.

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Final Thoughts

In closing, no matter where you are in your beard growing journey, beard oil is the perfect remedy to help keep your chin sweater hydrated and smelling great, even in the harshest conditions. . Investing in the right beard oil has certainly worked wonders for us, and we’re confident that it will be just as beneficial for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hop on the beard oil train. You’ll be very happy that you did so.

Until next time… Stay Suave Gentlemen.

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