The Modern Gentleman's Seltzer Review

"There is not a man or woman on the face of the earth who doesn't enjoy a tasty beverage". -David Letterman

As of a few years ago, the seltzer takeover began. From companies like White Claw and Truly's who are the pioneers of the category, to all of these new seltzers that are being introduced every day, there is no question that these "skinny" beverages are taking over.

I wanted to take the opportunity and share a few companies that are offering flavors that I believe are leading the pack when it comes to flavor profile, and overall bang for your buck.

The list below is in order from my favorite to least favorite, but note that all of these options are still in a top 4 when it comes to a saturated category.

#1: Lone River Ranch Water

#2: Henry's Blueberry Lemon

#3: Bud Light's Mango

#4 White Claw Watermelon

In Conclusion...

While each of these seltzers offers different flavor profiles, I want to reiterate that these are my personal favorites. As the category continues to grow I encourage you to find which flavors and brands you enjoy the most. With all the hype around this category, committing to an entire assorted 12 pack isn't cheap, so I hope this is helpful when it comes to standing at the liquor store debating which bubbly sauce you're going to invest in.

Drink Responsibly, and most importantly Stay Suave...

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